The 4th Street Senior Center; Image via Press-Telegram

Thank you to all of our partners!

The Long Beach Gray Panthers are very grateful for the support of their numerous community partners. We'd like to extend a special thank-you to the 4th Street Senior Center, which continues to house our monthly meetings and work closely with us in the cause for social justice. (Image credit goes to the Press Telegram)

We'd also like to thank the many volunteers and individual supporters who have helped the Long Beach Gray Panthers for over 45 years!

Our Partners

California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA)

 The California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) was formed in 2003  in order to build a statewide network of hundreds of organizations and  individuals to win social and economic justice, full civil rights, and a  better, more secure future for ourselves, our families and future  generations. 

Housing Long Beach

 Housing Long Beach’s mission is to improve, preserve and increase the  supply of affordable housing for the well-being of Long Beach residents  through community organizing, policy work and systems change. 

Interfaith Community Organization (ICO)

 ICO works to revitalize democracy by engaging, educating and organizing people to act on their faith values. We work with our member congregations to identify key issues – in health and health care, environmental justice, homelessness and housing, or immigrant rights – and to engage and energize local leadership to work towards resolution and social transformation.  

Long Beach 350

Long Beach 350 is a grassroots group of ordinary residents with an extraordinary passion for climate justice, working to make Long Beach a cleaner, greener city.

Long Beach Area Peace Network

The Long Beach Area Peace Network (LBAPN, pronounced "l'boppin") is organizing for peace and social justice in the community. We have maintained a peace vigil continuously since September 2002.

Long Beach City Office of Equity

The Office of Equity educates and supports City staff and elected officials to advance equity and ensure that all Long Beach residents have what they need to thrive.

Long Beach Senior Citizen Advisory Commission

The duties and functions of the Commission are to act in an advisory capacity to any City department concerned with senior problems on matters pertaining to older Americans and their needs.

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy

Our vision is to help build a new economy rooted in good jobs, thriving communities, and a healthy environment. Here in Los Angeles and in cities across the country, we are moving steadily toward that vision – recharging democracy through grassroots organizing and community-oriented policy.

Los Cerritos Wetland Trust

The Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust for Long Beach and Seal Beach was incorporated in 2001 by dedicated individuals who grasped the vital importance of the Los Cerritos Wetlands and the urgency of saving and restoring what remained of this unique estuary.


OurWaterLA is a diverse coalition of community leaders and organizations from across Los Angeles County united to create a strong water future for Los Angeles. Our goal is to secure clean, safe, affordable and reliable water for drinking, recreation and commerce now and for the future.

Partners of Parks

 Founded in 1985, Partners of Parks, Long Beach, was  established by a group of residents who were concerned that clean, open  park space be kept available to all residents at a time when cuts were  being made to park services.  

Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC

 For nearly two decades, Southern California’s leading elder law firm has  helped seniors get quality care and fought to protect their rights. Our  team of attorneys at The Law Offices of Sandra Diaz PC specialize in  Medi-Cal and VA benefits. By helping seniors secure these benefits,  they, and their families, are able to afford some or all of their  long-term care needs. 

Everyone In

 Everyone In is a community movement to end our  homelessness and housing crisis by building public and political will to  create solutions we know work: affordable and supportive housing in  every part of L.A. County.

Our mission is to keep L.A. on track by celebrating progress where we  see it, putting pressure on government at every level to do more, and  organizing our neighbors to speak up for change. The vast majority of  people out there are waiting to get organized.